Published Works


JaimeeASwift CurriculumVitae

African-American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS) 

January 2017. “Afro-Brazilian Feminists and the Fight for Racial and Gender Inclusion”:

March 2017. “The Rise of Global Conservatism and Resistance in the Age of Trump”:

June 2017. “Candomble, Afro-Brazilian Women and Afro-Brazlian Religiosity”:

July 2017. “African Women and Social Movements in Africa”:


December 2015: “Why My Fight for Global Health Equity Hits Home: Understanding the Pervasiveness of Kidney Disease in the African-American Community”:

Black is Global 

September 2016. “Meet the Nosarieme Garrick: The Creative Force Behind ‘My Africa Is”:


March 2016. “Evoking the Mulatto Series Talks Black Mixed Identity in the 21st Century”:

July 2016. “Reconnecting Roots: Coming to Africa as an African-American in the Age of Obama”:

Empower magazine 

February 2016. “Young People Are Leading The Way to End Female Genital Mutilation with #WhyZeroFGM Campaign”:

April 2016. “How Truth in Reality is Changing the Media Portrayal of Black and Afro-Latina Women and Girls”:

 For Harriet 

July 2015. “Traveling While Black: On the Pervasive Nature of Colorism in the Diaspora”:

July 2015. “Why Pan-Africanism is Important for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement”:

July 2015. “No Time for White Guilt: Why I’m Skeptical of White Allies”:

August 2015. “If You Don’t Know Anything About Black Women, Please Don’t Write About Us”:

August 2015: “Fight the Power: 10 Black Women Activists in the Diaspora You Need to Know:

August 2015: “We Must Demand Race-Specific Policy Reforms in the 2016 Elections”:

September 2015: “5 Ways to Manifest Black Joy”:

September 2015: “I, Too, Am Africa: Finding My Place in the Diaspora as a Black Woman”:

October 2015. “White Women Still Don’t Know How to Address Intersectional Feminism”:

October 2015. “Why Michelle Obama Must Specifically Address Black Girls with #62Million Girls”:

February 2016. “Weighing to Exhale: On Black Girls, Women, and Body Disturbance”:

Heed Magazine 

December 2015. “Justin Bieber Finds His ‘Purpose’ with Latest Album”:

December 2015. “Philadelphia Printworks Ushers a New Consciousness with ‘School of Thought’ Collection”:

February 2016. “Meet Jennifer Horton: The Ultimate A&R Female Power Player”:

The Hilltop

September 2016: “You Are Not Beyonce. And That’s Okay”:

September 2016: “Donald Trump: I Do Not Want You To Speak at Howard University”:

October 2016: “Attorney General Visits Howard University to Address State of Community Policing”:

November 2016: “Howard Alumna Debbie Allen Talks Race, Art and Activism”:

January 2017: “The Time Is Always Now: Black Academics and the Critical Need to Challenge Trump”:

Howard University Newsroom

March 2017. “Howard University Celebrated The Power and Resilience of Women on International Women’s Day”:

The Grio 

January 2016. “It’s Not Just Flint: Environmental Racism Slowly Killing Blacks across America:”

February 2016. “Taking Black History Month to the next level: Why Pan-African history is important”: 

The Huffington Post 

August 2017. “Meet Stephanie Kimou, The Ivorian CEO Who Is Empowering Africa’s Most Precious Resource: Its Population”:

June 2017: “This Fashion Blogger Is Dismantling The Stereotype Asian Women Can’t Be Curvy”: 

June 2017: “Lucia McBath, Jordan Davis’ Mother, Speaks on Why The Need for Gun Reform Is Critical In Continuing Her Son’s Legacy”:

May 2017: “Young people are standing in solidarity to end the U.S. blockade against Cuba”:

April 2017: “How Zain Verjee is ensuring that “stories made@africa” are being heard”:

March 2017: “Meet the women of HUResist: Leading the charge against Donald Trump at Howard University”:

January 2016. “#BlackHealthMatters: Why Black Inclusivity in Global Health is an imperative”:

February 2016. “Bridging the Gap: African Millennials Give Their Take on Why #BlackLivesMatter”:

February 2016. “To Africa, With Love: On Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Performance and the Reclamation of African Identity”:

March 2016. “How Dr. Noerine Kaleeba Changed the Face of HIV/AIDS in Uganda”:

March 2016. “Will the next Einstein be an African woman?”:

April 2016. “I Am a Black Woman With a Capital ‘B’”:

April 2016. “This Photo Project is Redefining What It Means to be African and LGBT”:


March 2017. “The Rise of Global Conservatism and Resistance in Europe”:

LA Progressive 

July 2016. “Black Immigrants Get Real about Race and Racism in America”:

Montgomery Media 

June 2011.“Bryn Mawr rapper Kuf Knotz to perform at the TLA”:


March 2016. “#OurThreeBrothers: Why Is America Ignoring the Murders of Three Sudanese-Americans”:

April 2016. “These 5 African Foodies Are Redefining The Diasporan Culinary Experience”:

May 2016. “Get to Know Yasmin Belo-Osagie: Co-Founder of African-Woman Led Enterprise, She Leads Africa”: 

January 2017. “Forgotten Voices: Haitian Millennials Speak On The Impact of Hurricane Matthew”:

OF NOTE magazine 

Spring 2013, Girls Issue: “Talking Back To Street Harassers: An Interview with Artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh”:

The Gun Issue, Summer 2017: “Vanessa German: “Power Figures” Armed with a Mantra for Justice:

Safe magazine

November 2015. “16 Global Heroes Who Go There”:

 March 2016. “Five Things You Can Do to End Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls in the Media”:

March 2016. “The Road to Healing: Why Every Hour Matters for Post-Rape Care”:

 April 2016. “Artist Talks Back to Street Harassers”:

May 2016. “Meet Tom Clarke: A Man on Mission to Empower Women and Girls”: 

June 2016. “We Cannot Forget Women and Girls with Disabilities in the SDGS”: 

June 2016. “The Media May Have Stopped Talking About It, But the Flint Water Crisis Is Far From Over”: 


March 2017. “The Rise of Global Conservatism and Resistance in the Age of Trump”:


 May 2016. “Not An Object: On Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls”:

Safe Magazine, Issue III, Print Edition 

Featured three of our 16 global heroes; uncovering early and forced child marriage in Kosovo; and the Every Hour Matters campaign for post-rape care:

Social Media Campaigns

#WhyZeroFGM campaign with Youth For Change:

#AllWomen Twitter chat with UNICEF’s End Trafficking Project: 

Speaking Engagements

For Harriet. October 2015: “Why Womanism? A Womanist and Black Feminist in Conversation”:

RT America. January 2016: “Environmental Racism: Critics call Flint crisis a civil rights issue”:

United Nations Women’s Commission on the Status of Women. March 2016: Protect Our Girls: Sexualization, Exploitation, and the Media 

 UNICEF USA. Inclusion, Gender Equity, and Violence Prevention: